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Soultribe is the new project of Lady Angelina: an international group of musicians with the desire to connect over the borders of  race and culture. Our mission is to share songs in the spirit of different traditions, dedicated to Mother Earth and her tribes.

As an international band we are located in Belgium/Holland/Ibiza and play around the globe.

For our new album “Gipsy Shaman Rainbow Warrior” we created songs inspired by the spirit of gipsy, blues, afro, flamenco, native American, Indian mantra and icaros.

Songs about tree huggers, gipsy queens, goddesses and rainbow children in English, Spanish and Yoruba, filled with hope, positivity and ceremonial spirit.

During our concerts we play, sing and dance, connecting to the natural roots of ceremonial trance and tantric celebration.

Band members:

Trijn Amrita (Belgium/Ibiza) : vocals, accordeon, clarinet, singing saw, native flute, percussion, dance

Jur The Fresh (Netherlands): guitar, percussion

Sylvia Van Swieten (Netherlands/Bali): Vocals, percussion

Bode Owa (Nigeria): conga, African percussion, vocals, dance

Dennis Nicles Cobas (Cuba): Bass, percussion

Mauricio Lobao (Netherlands/Brazil): percussion, voice, samples

Facebook: ladyangelinasoultribe

Soundcloud: ladyangelina

Spotify: Lady Angelina

2 Replies to “New Album”

  1. Treelover is one of the most beautiful songs have I have ever heard.
    I find myself into the lyrics.
    The melody is very pretty and agreeable to listen to. Lovely music
    Your voice and your accent are simply adorable.

  2. Hence, I am eager to hear the whole album Soultribe !
    Thank you for Treelover as it is a moment of bliss every time I hear it 💕

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